Rainbow Discovery


Rainbow Discovery first opened its doors in 1984. As a day camp with a fun new theme each year, it offers a unique, magical experience to children aged 4-12. The program, which revolves around its central theme, aspires to actively engage children in its various experiential learning activities like mechanics, robotix, science, sports, arts, cooking, dancing, music and theater.

The program mostly uses English as its basic language of communication and is designed so as to help children spend their summer holiday in the most creative way possible. The evergreen Anatolia campus becomes a field of exploration, activities and fun, giving the chance to all summer explorers to let their imagination run free.

Rainbow Discovery is staffed by excellent and experienced teachers, educators, coaches and fellows of Anatolia College, who stand out for both their knowledge and their love for children.


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Rainbow Discovery Offices:

Monday - Friday 09:00-14:00


Τel. & Fax: 2310 398-288




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