Children are invited to experience the past and think about the future in this amazing adventure through time. Children will learn how people lived in the past in different parts of the world, learning history in an unforgettable way through fun and hands-on activities in the target language.

Through songs, games and interactive play we will introduce new concepts, vocabulary and language structures that promote meaningful communication. Moreover, children will be encouraged to use the target language as well as operational and every day expressions and words. These will be reinforced by the teachers and the staff members throughout the day.

While our themes provide a friendly learning environment and help keep the children engaged while learning new vocabulary specific to the context of each theme, the educational focus is based on grammatical structures and learning objectives specific to each age group.

Our aim is to help children immerse themselves into the English language, improve their speaking skills, become acquainted with the history of each era as well as build their team skills and improve social behavior habits. Our goal is for the campers to return home with broadened horizons and a newfound knowledge of English.

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