Anatolia Elementary School



Anatolia Elementary School nurtures academic and personal development in young children by creating a high-quality child-centered environment. Drawing on the principles and values present at Anatolia for over a century AES embraces individuality, empathy, open inquiry and critical thinking. The school fosters physical, intellectual, linguistic, and emotional and social development in every child and uses experiential learning to instill a passion for knowledge and an appreciation for diversity.

We aspire:

to be the leading school of elementary education in Greece that sets the standard in continuous development of its teaching and learning approaches intertwined with an unrivaled curriculum of personal enrichment for its students.



 Core values:



•  Passion for learning





•  Personal enrichment






Appreciation of diversity






   Respect and Responsibility




We are committed to:



…cultivating a passion for learning - in a respectful, supportive and secure environment where each child feels valued - by actively engaging children in both work and play activities, by demonstrating the equal importance of mind, body and heart and by recognizing these elements of a balanced life.


… encouraging each and every child to reach their full academic potential recognizing their uniqueness and individuality.





… embracing the variety of backgrounds and life experiences within our school community and recognize that the rich expression of diversity is essential to a meaningful education, creating critical thinkers that value and respect individualism to become independent lifelong learners.



… promoting an awareness of self-mutual respect within the school community, by emphasizing the improtance of empathy and responsibility in order to function effectively in today's world.


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