The Anatolia Elementary School was founded in September 2003 by the Trustees of Anatolia College, who envisioned extending the school’s mission into elementary education while preserving the high standards upheld by Anatolia College for over 130 years.

One of the most historic educational institutions in Greece, Anatolia College was founded in 1886 by American missionaries in Merzifon, Asia Minor. The College incorporates a gymnasium and lykeion, as well as an internationally-recognized international baccalaureate (IBDP) program. The institution has grown over the years to now include a post-secondary undergraduate and postgraduate division, ACT, which offers a range of bachelor's and master's degree programs, an International School (Pinewood), as well as CTY Greece, the Center for Talented Youth in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University.

Anatolia Elementary School comprises a kindergarten and elementary school (K-6). 

The kindergarten is housed in a specially designed green space on the well-tended grounds of the College.

The lower elementary grades (A` School: 1-3) are housed on the grounds of the former Leonidia School, now renovated and serving as a model for environmental education for our younger students. The upper elementary grades (B` School: 4-6) are housed on the grounds of the former Pinewood School, also now renovated and equipped with the latest technology.

 Click here to read more about Anatolia's history.

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