Bridge Program

Learning English can be a fun-filled, rewarding, and inspiring experience!


What is Bridge Program?

The Bridge Program is an innovative English learning program for all children aged 4-15. It helps children develop both their linguistic as well as their social and creative skills.


The Bridge Program is taught:

  • By dedicated Bilingual teachers with local and international experience
  • In small groups to ensure individual attention
  • In an all English-speaking environment
  • Using innovative method to encourage independent learning and creativity
  • On the Anatolia Elementary School campus
  • Classes from Pre-k to proficiency level



How much of the lesson in conducted in English?

All lessons, at all levels, take place in English including student-to-student communication. Teachers adapt language to the level through interactive methodology and hands-on experience.

Do the children have homework?

While every effort is made to design a syllabus based primarily on class input, there is also a moderate amount of homework.

Up to what level are the classes?

Children are ensured a full English learning course from Pre-K to Proficiency with experienced teachers at each level. Exams prepared for include:

  • A2 and B1 (Council of Europe level)
  • B2 (Lower) including MSU-CELC, ECCE, FCE
  • C2 (Proficiency) including MSU-CELP, ECPE, CPE
  • Anatolia Entrance Exams

Days & Times:

Mon, Wed, and Fri: 16:15 – 17:45 or 18:15 – 19:45 (Level Pre-k – Proficiency)

Tue, Thu: 16:15 – 17:45 or 18:15 – 19:45 (Level Pre-k – Level 2)

  • Level Pre-K to Level 3:  twice a week
  • Level 4-9:  three times a week



  • Pre-K, K - 595€
  • Level 1 - 760€
  • Levels 2,3 - 810€
  • Levels 4,5 - 970€
  • Level 6 - 1070€
  • Levels 7,8,9 (Exam Classes) - 1130€


Payment methods:

1.      In three equal installments
2.      5% discount for advance payment (by end of September)
3.      5% discount for 2nd child, 30% for 3rd, while the 4th child attends for free


Inquiries & Registration:

Mon – Fri: 12:00 – 20:00

Tel & Fax 2310 398287

Email: /


How can I apply:

Click here for an application form for the program. Once completed this can be emailed to or submitted directly to the offices of the Program on the Upper Elementary grounds of Anatolia Elementary School.


Click here to download the 2018-2019 calendar.   


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