Kindergarten Link


The Kindergarten Link program offers a rewarding and inspiring English experience in the form of additional after school lessons for our Kindergarten children.

All research shows:


“Two languages are better than one”


The earlier children are exposed to a second language the higher their level of skill in:

  • Attention and thinking
  • Reading
  • Language learning


“The Younger the Better" 


"Language confusion is a myth”


Kindergarten Link follows a specially designed curriculum and focuses on developing children’s skills through interactive learning and fun games and lays the foundations for language learning in the most effective way.

It is taught:

  • By experienced bilingual teachers with local and international experience
  • In small classes to ensure individual attention
  • In an English-speaking environment
  • By encouraging children’s creativity through interactive learning
  • Immediately after normal school hours with school bus option
  • In children’s familiar surrounding 


Days:       Mon, Wed, Fri      13:40 - 14:20


Cost:      500€ per year (in 3 installments) including the bus


Inquiries & Registration: 

Tel:  2310 398287 (Mrs. Fay Marinides)

Email /


How can I apply?

Click here for an application form for the program. Once completed this can be emailed to or submitted directly to the offices of the Program on the upper grounds of the Anatolia Elementary School (B’ School). Tel: 2310-398287.

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