Anatolia kinder kids are introduced to English through play. The teacher speak only English to them, but this becomes “normal” as he/she shows —rather than tells— them what he/she means. The children sing songs, hear stories, play games, manipulate flash cards, recite chants, and engage in fun physical-response activities (such as “Simon Says”).

All in all, the children grow accustomed to hearing English spoken to them, responding to instructions given in English, and having fun in the medium of English.  In turn, they soon respond in English to their teacher—and to each other. In addition to spoken English, children develop pre-literacy skills: they learn the English alphabet, begin to recognize written words, and soon write their own words and short sentences.

The kindergarten English program can be characterized this way:

  • Children learn through play.
  • The methodology for instruction is communicative and interactive.
  • The classroom environment is English-only.
  • English is “about” topics that children know: animals, food, school, & home.
  • Children’s English “emerges” as their minds and bodies are engaged.
  • English vocabulary and grammar are embedded in their “lessons.”
  • Children’s systematic engagement in age-appropriate language leaves no child confused.
  • English functions to communicate—e.g., ask for water, tell a story.
  • Each child’s participation and enjoyment are primary.



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